Honeymoon in Greece: The Ultimate 14 Day Itinerary

It takes a lifetime to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her. 
— Henry Miller

Greece is a vast territory with 166 to 227 inhabited islands, so whether you're single, married, with family, or have a penchant for wild or nerdy experiences you will find an island that is perfect for you.

Plan on spending 2-3 weeks and at least 4 days on the island of your choice. When creating your schedule, remember that hopping from island to island could take up a big part of your day. For this itinerary, we took a connecting flight from Athens to Mykonos, and travelled to Santorini, Milos, and Athens by ferry.

Sunset view from the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos

Sunset view from the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos

4 Days in Mykonos 

for the party animal in us

Mykonos caters to affluent young singles who love to party. If that's what you're into, I recommend you go in June, July or August when the beach party scene is at its peak.  If you're mellow like me, go a little before or after peak season to avoid huge crowds, but remember that the islands pretty much shut down during the cold winter months. 

You can wine, dine, dance, swim, and experience it all in Mykonos. We stayed at the Belvedere, a luxury hotel located in the heart of Mykonos town. The hotel has two restaurants: Thea, which has a beautiful view of the Mykonos sunset, and Matsuhisa Mykonos by renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Mykonos has something for everyone, but there are some must-visit spots you should have on your list. Explore Mykonos town and get lost in its whitewashed alleys. You can dine at Casa di Giorgio, and work off some of the food at the bustling Skandinavian Bar & Disco. On your second day, Hop on an ATV and head over to Ornos beach (my favorite of all the beaches in Mykonos), and if the weather allows, hit up Nammos too and rub elbows with the rich and famous. Book a food and wine tasting tour on your last day on the island and get a much-needed break from Mykonos' party scene. I highly recommend Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm for its serene landscape and delicious food and wine.

Mykonos is the most popular island in the Aegean sea, and for good reason. Check out our postcards for a glimpse of the beauty of this luxurious destination.

View from Aqua Luxury Suites, Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

View from Aqua Luxury Suites, Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

3 Days in Santorini

The perfect honeymoon spot

Santorini is the mecca of honeymooners worldwide. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago, and is the remnant of a volcanic eruption responsible for its half-moon shape.

You will fall in love with the island's Cycladic architecture which consists of whitewashed houses and domes overlooking the Aegean sea. We stayed at Aqua Luxury Suites in the village of Imerovigli and were in awe of the island's panoramic views.

If you go to Santorini, the first item on your list should be pausing and taking it all in. There are dozes of things to do on this island, but nothing beats the luxury of its breathtaking landscape.

I recommend dining at La Maison, a gastronomic experience enhanced by the stunning views of the caldera. Follow the hiking trail to Oia, or get on an ATV and explore this beautiful and popular village. On your final day, book a sunset catamaran cruise to get an eyefull of the gorgeous Santorini sunset.  I prefer this over the huge crowds that gather every evening in Oia. 

We didn't do a whole lot in Santorini, but the few things we were able to do were truly memorable. Pictures speak louder than words, so check out these postcards for a summary of our experience in this magical island.




Kleftiko Caves, Milos, Greece

Kleftiko Caves, Milos, Greece

3 Days in Milos

Hello Adventure!

Milos is a quiet and family-friendly volcanic island just north of the Sea of Crete. It boasts a number of caves, beaches, and landmarks- perfect for the adventure seeking, water-loving traveler. 

We stayed at an Airbnb in Adamas within walking distance of the main port. This location made it easy to stay close to the action and explore the island's most popular spots.

If you want to go to the beach, ask about the wind patterns for the day, and if it's not too windy, hop on the bus that takes you to Sarakiniko, the most photographed spot on the island. Sarakiniko's bright white sand deep blue waters contrast in the most unique way. If that doesn't get you excited, just know that the white rocks that bend over the sea give the impression of standing on the surface of the moon. 

You can't visit Milos without going to Kleftiko, an impressive spot of rock formations that can be reached only by sea. We booked an excursion with Excellent Yachting and got to dive under caves, swim in white-sand beaches, and snorkle in the bluest waters of the Aegean sea. We also got to explore Polyaigos and took a ton of pictures under the sunset.

There are no words that can describe the beauty of Milos, but these postcards will give you a glimpse.



Column from Hadrian's Library in Athens

Column from Hadrian's Library in Athens

3 Days in Athens

The birthplace of western civilization

Athens was the heart of Ancient Greece. Today, it is dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like Parthenon.   

Athens was the last stop in our 14-day journey which took the hassle out of catching our flight back to New York. We arrived by ferry and stayed at an Airbnb in Plaka, home to many shops, restaurants, and historical sights.

Whether or not you're a history buff, you must visit The Acropolis, a citadel containing the remains of several ancient buildings including the Parthenon, the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. I recommend visiting Hadrian's library as well as the Acropolis museum. We didn't get to see many of the other buildings and temples since we were only in Athens for 2 days. I would love to go back someday and see some of the stops I wasn't able to see on this trip. In the meantime, these postcards will serve as a reminder of the wonderful time we had in Athens.

Overall, our experience in Greece is one we will always remember. The food was amazing, the was landscape breathtaking, and the people were kind and friendly. 

I hope this post has inspired you to visit Greece. Have questions about what to do and how to get around? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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