Birthday Post: 33 & Ready to Soar

Something weird happened today. My driver's license says I was born in 1985, but when I tried to calculate my age, my calculator said I was 33.

33! Somebody should check my math.


Ok. I doubled checked my math on Excel and it's true, I am 33 years old! That's crazy because deep down inside I feel like I'm 13- just like in that movie "13 Going on 30."


I looked in the mirror and yes, I'm definitely not 13 anymore. I'm a lot bigger, a lot heavier, and my hair is curlier than it's ever been before. I got better at doing my makeup, and have a ton more clothes. I also speak English for some reason and no longer live at my madrina's house. I have a bachelor's degree, an awesome job, a great husband, and a family that loves me. 

It seems that I've accomplished a lot in 20 years, and a whole lot more in 33. Yet, there are a million things I haven't done. 

I haven't lost those dreadful 50 pounds, overcome my fear of driving, become a successful blogger and photographer, traveled around the world, launched a successful business, made sound investments, started a family, helped my community in the Dominican Republic and in the Bronx, or reached the pinnacle of my career. However, it seems I am well on my way to reaching those goals.

I am 33 and I am ready to soar! May this be the year of positive change and many, many blessings for all of us.

For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail.