Saint Lucia Winter Getaway

Peaceful, enchanting, breathtaking. Three words that describe the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. We visited earlier this year to relax and release some stress. The clear waters, tall mountains, and wonderful accommodations were just what we needed.

We searched for deals on Cheap Caribbean and opted for the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort. The hotel was beautiful, and since it is fairly new, everything was top notch. We stayed in a junior suite at the Diamond Club which included a jacuzzi, swim out pool, and butler service. We did nothing but lay by the beach all day long, except for one day when we decided to stop looking at the Pitons (mountains) on our beer bottles and went see them in person for a change.

Royalton Saint Lucia

We went on a half day excursion that took us around the island. We marveled at the Pitons, went to Soufriere for a mud bath, and finished off the day snorkeling. The mud baths left our skin nice and supple. It was messy and smelly, but also a lot of fun.

The sunsets in Saint Lucia are absolutely magnificent, and you get a nice view from the hotel. If you stay at the Hideaway which is the adults only section, you will get a front row seat to the view you see below.

Royalton St. Lucia
Royalton St. Lucia
Saint Lucia Sunset

All in all, Saint Lucia was a place to remember. I will definitely visit this little island again.